Frat boy dating game

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While sororities typically rent out a local bar or event center, the majority of fraternities travel out of Madison and plan an entire overnight stay.The overnight aspect of a fraternity formal is usually where the sexual implications behind date choice come into play.For example, sororities have a live-in “house mother” who makes sure sisters aren’t bringing boys to the house while fraternities have no such supervisor.Additionally, while the trademark of fraternities is their in-house parties, the governing body of the 26 major sororities in the U. — the National Panhellenic Conference — bans sororities from consuming alcohol in their houses.

Their dates usually are a girlfriend, a girl from a sorority they socialize with or a girl they have been set up with by one of their good friend’s date.At bars, buying someone a drink carries a certain implication — at the very least it displays sexual interest, and at the most it can be an expectation of sexual interaction.But what about paying anywhere between 0 and 0 for transportation, dinner, drinks and a hotel room for one night of dancing in Chicago, Milwaukee or another short-distance location?Formals are no exception to the disparity in rules between sororities and fraternities.The main difference between sorority and fraternity formals, at UW, boils down to location.

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