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Still, let’s see if we can define “traditional” and “modern” characteristics that many foreign men perceive as attributable to the two “options” of Chinese girls available: “modern” Chinese girls, it can be argued, may be: outgoing, independent, that is not financially or emotionally dependent on a man or on their family; career minded; well educated; able to live and travel alone; in some cases, not wanting children to impinge on their lifestyle.

alternatively, if we look at how we can describe “traditional” Chinese girls, we may say they are: family centric; studious; strongly loyal to their man; relatively shy/humble; conservative in outlook and demeanour; homely, as in taking care of the home and children, or not working full time; and, finally….., dare I say it, subservient Of course, these “characteristics” can be added to or discussed at length, but the key question is: do you know any Chinese girl these days who neatly fits exactly into one of these categories or the other?

The girls in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and other parts of the country are more and are happy to discuss intellectual topics…at least when they don’t stare at their smartphone.​Prudish is the wrong word because prudish means that they are shocked by matters relating to sex and nudity. Guys in China, Shanghai, and even in Thailand do the same. Most Asian men get furious when they see how a white guy hits on “one of their girls”.

The good news is that the family of your Taiwanese girlfriend won’t cockblock you.

In my article about the women in China, I told you that a Chinese grandmother will probably hate you.

You don’t have to worry about that when you’re dating in Taiwan. Taiwanese families are The salaries of Taiwanese women are more than five times as high as the salaries in China.

Certainly don’t attempt to talk to such other girls, otherwise you may have a major issue on your hands!

In common with many other Asian women it can be observed that a large number of Chinese girls act relatively immature compared to their real age, and certainly compared to many western women.

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Bear in mind, though, that she will also become more possessive and it’s wise not to look too long at other pretty Chinese girls if your lady is around.

In reality, most Chinese girls I know possess a handful of characteristics from each “list” and, therefore, can be considered as a rather nice blend of the old and the new; our modern, fast paced, constantly changing society has shaped Chinese girls not only to be different physically from that they were 10-15 years ago, but also changed them mentally, their behaviours and their outlook on life.

Let’s be honest, once a Chinese girl has found you attractive or interesting enough to start dating, she will be, in many ways, similar to most women the world over.

They’ll play children’s computer games for hours on end; play with a “Hello Kitty” doll or figurine or just generally act in a childish way.

Quite why I am not sure, although it might be attention seeking—but this is something most foreign men seem to be able to live with if all of the other traits of their Chinese girl meet their ideals!

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