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For general web browser use we recommend Firefox or Chromium.They will be kept up-to-date by rebuilding the current ESR releases for stable. The Debian infrastructure currently doesn't properly enable rebuilding packages that statically link parts of other packages on a large scale.The high rate of vulnerabilities and partial lack of upstream support in the form of long term branches make it very difficult to support these browsers and engines with backported security fixes.Additionally, library interdependencies make it extremely difficult to update to newer upstream releases. the webkit and khtml engines source package is covered by security support.Sometimes, changes introduced in a new release have side-effects we cannot reasonably avoid, or they expose bugs somewhere else. Please also read the errata, the relevant packages' documentation, bug reports, and other information mentioned in Section 6.1, “Further reading”. These now specify signature algorithms that are accepted for their respective authentication mechanism, where previously they specified accepted key types.This distinction matters when using the RSA/SHA2 signature algorithms and their certificate counterparts.

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The system wide settings can be changed in can also set the security level.

In supported versions of WSL, the filesystems for the distros you install via the Microsoft Store are stored elsewhere on disk … To work on files using both Windows and Linux tools, ), When you access files on your Windows filesystem from within Bash, WSL honors the NT filesystem behaviors (e.g. so you can easily access the same files using both Windows tools and Bash tools without having to copy files back and forth between filesystems.

Therefore, be sure to follow these three rules in order to avoid losing files, and/or corrupting your data: While it’s the OS’ job to store and update your file metadata, most of Windows doesn’t know anything about Linux, nor Linux file metadata, and doesn’t automatically add or update Linux file metadata for all Windows files because that would impose an unnecessary overhead on the vast majority of Windows users who will never run WSL.

A fix for the installer is being planned (see bug #931373) and will be uploaded to debian-security.

In the meantime users of full disk encryption should apply the above workaround.

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