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I think what we've got 1/2 CMs will probably be enough to do that. One season in 7th doesn't outweigh 22 years of dominance of the best league in the world and to suggest otherwise that's foolish. I would have liked to see Vidal and Kroos, maybe Carvalho but it's obvious that **** Ed cannot get it done. It frustrates me how City can unearth exactly what we needed, a CB and a CDM and get it done so quickly without us having so much as a sniff. I've have wined and dined her any night of the week. Carrick, Fletcher, Herrera, Fellaini and not so Cleverley. We've fallen along way considering we're here drooling over Manchester City's midfield. Exactly the poster I've been waiting for on this thread. We should have been in for Fernando and Mangala, I was very angry when I saw how good Fernando was at the weekend. He didn't want to leave Barca in 2013 and wasn't available, but he was this window, surely if we'd have bidded 35M we'd have got him.

We have so much money, and a desperate need yet Woodward is sat on a beach in Thailand being ****** off by a ladyboy. I wouldn't be surprised if we are in a relegation battle this year it's that bad. I had a crush on that cute blonde one for years, but then she moved to the Golf program, Di Stewart was it? You need monsters in the middle in this day and age, real warriors. But not because of money, for the same price as they bought those three we bought Carrick, Herrera and Fellaini. It's absolute **** for brains from Woodward, he's got a little willy. How is it possible that we can pay 29M for Herrera and Chelsea can get Fabregas for 33M when he's twice as good.

So they're obviously going to sign 8-10 new players every summer.

So they're obviously going to sign 8-10 new players every summer. You'd expect us to add one more which would put us level with Everton and Chelsea.Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are both single parents who are far too busy raising their seven-year-old daughters and jaded by past experiences to seek romance despite the efforts of their friends and family.But when their girls wind up on the same youth soccer team with Jon as the coach, they just might find a match.He scored 253 goals for United in all competitions to make him their top goalscorer of all time, with 183 Premier League goals being the most scored by a player for any single club.Fellaini is cup-tied for Europe, having so nearly helped Liège through against Liverpool in a Champions League qualifier.

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