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Actually for the commencement of the war we must go as far back as 1931 and to the other side of the world, when Japan embarked on their first move in their expansionist bid to seize land in South East Asia to secure more territory for their bulging population together with supplies of oil and rubber.Their first stepping stone was the invasion of Manchuria.The common lobby, waiting area and bathrooms all have a superior level of finish by using discriminating standards and quality materials.At Aero Colorado we understand that our tenants’ facility and operational requirements are diverse.We have designed a facility that endeavors to accommodate our tenants’ wide spectrum of needs.Our executive office space has been designed with flexibility in mind.Abyssinia quickly fell to the much more powerful Italian army.

This superior location provides Aero Colorado and its tenants with unmatched exposure, dramatic views of the airport and mountains, and the best and most convenient access to the Airport via the southern E-470 and Peoria entrance.

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The cause of this global war was The world wide recession, indeed “the slump”, in the 1920’s which caused a number of leaders to look for growth abroad to take the pressure off the disasters at home.

This applied to the Germans, Italians and the Japanese.

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