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Hammer's secretary Velda identifies Jack's receipts for gasoline near Bear Mountain close to a summer camp run by Hammer's old friend Joe Butler.Mike and Velda visit Joe, who tells them of a military project in Saigon involving the use of drugs to turn prisoners of war into friendly spies and how Captain Romero developed a technique for mind control.His estranged friend, detective Mike Hammer (whose life Jack saved while losing his arm) is warned by police detective Pat Chambers to stay out of it but he nevertheless investigates the matter on his own.

Hammer captures Kalecki and forces him to drive back to the Northridge Clinic, where Romero has now set up a sequence of fortifications and death-traps.Hammer confronts her with the information he's uncovered: she was the intruder who murdered Jack Williams. " Using the famous closing line from Spillane's original novel, Hammer responds "It was easy." According to screenwriter Larry Cohen, he was originally hired to direct but was fired after expressing his concerns to cast or crew over the producers running out of money. They went way over budget and the company went bankrupt.Charlotte attempts to seduce Hammer and kill him with a hidden gun but he beats her to it while they embrace, shooting her in cold blood. Cohen immediately starting shooting Q - The Winged Serpent in Manhattan, filming concurrently with Richard T. They sold the picture at a bankruptcy sale." (Cohen didn't specify which production company went bankrupt, although American Cinema went through financial difficulties at this time.) In advance of its UK theatrical release that same year, on March 3rd 1982, the BFCC classified the film as an X (its then-regular over-18 cinema category) after requiring some cuts that toned down the juxtaposition of sex & violence.Hammer questions the sexual surrogate twins who worked with Jack, before observing Dr Bennett and her sex therapy team at work.While watching this session, Hammer hears the twins being attacked but is too late to prevent their deaths at the hands of a psychotic killer.

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