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Since the virtual event platform supports events of unlimited size, it is also possible to access further exhibition halls, thus adding additional navigation layers for very large events.

The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event.

Together with ubivent, the premium recruiting platform Job Leads regularly conducts an online career fair for IT experts.

Today, the Virtual IT Job Fair has been established as the biggest online career fair for IT professionals in German-speaking countries.

The project was a huge success, as Reiner Schmitt (Head of SAP’s Global License and Asset Management team) states: “The ubivent guys were of great help for the event.

The platform was ran smoothly in all parts of our global network.

Research (BMBF) uses our ubivent virtual event platform for its online marketplace "Zwanzig20 - Partnership for Innovation".

Each virtual event should include some live or pseudo-live parts, since this strengthens the interaction and produces a real "event feeling" for the participants.

In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse the booths.

These virtual booths can be adjusted according to your corporate identity, and all elements within the booths, such as video screens and document sections, can be emphasized to varying degrees depending on how important they are for you.

Attendees also have the chance to network and interact with one another in the lounge area, an additional feature of the main hall.

We have integrated multiple social networking capabilities (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, ...) in order to enable communication, helping to ensure that contacts are not lost once the event is over.

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