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It's also possible to export a self-signed certificate from Visual SVN Server and save this certificate in the trusted certificates list on all client computers.

​A fundamental component of RADIUS is a client's validation of the RADIUS server's identity.

The primary difference between the X509Certificate and the X509Certificate2 class is that the private key must reside in the certificate store for the X509Certificate class.

Even if certificates are added to a collection and associated with a specific SSL connection, no certificates will be sent to the server unless the server requests them.

Net classes support several ways to select and validate System. A client can select one or more certificates to authenticate itself to a server.

X509Certificates for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.

A certificate is an ASCII byte stream that contains a public key, attributes (such as version number, serial number, and expiration date) and a digital signature from a Certificate Authority.

Certificate information: - Hostname: VT-2008 - Valid: from Wed, GMT until Sat, GMT - Issuer: VT-2008 - Fingerprint: ca:::ce:77:5b:7a:8c::0f:70:3f:26:c1:e7 (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently?

It's recommended to replace the default self-signed certificate for a certificate signed by trusted Certificate Authority (domain or third-party). If you wish to obtain certificate from your corporate Active Directory Certificate Services, contact your system administrator or follow the instructions provided in the article below: How to sign server certificate with Active Directory Certificate Services Generally speaking, it's not recommended to use self-signed SSL certificates in production.

Self-signed SSL certificate is pre-generated during the first setup of Visual SVN Server.

Self-signed certificate allows you to setup encrypted connection to the server but it's not trusted by standard Subversion clients and web-browsers.

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