Error validating dyndns svr answer

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Recent trunk and 0.7 builds have grown considerably over the 0.6 release sizes.

I repeatedly get the same errors in the logs, whatever carefully I checked the domain, login, and password I use to update my IP on Dyn DNS.This client should be stopped and corrected for configuration errors, and restarted...********************************************************************** Jul 12 freenas INADYN[50357]: Thu Jul 12 2012: W: INADYN: Error validating DYNDNS svr answer. Jul 12 freenas INADYN[50357]: Thu Jul 12 2012: W: INADYN: IP address for alias '[mysubdomain]' needs update to '89.68xxx'...Jul 12 freenas root: inadyn service started Is it a bug, which would better solved upgrading to the latest Nas4Free release, or is it an error of mine easy to fix ? I tried to use a shorter password, it worked: inadyn successfully updated my domain name at Where the problem may have come from, as my domain gets now updated with the same credential as those I used a few days ago ?Nothing wrong with an update, it will just take a lot of time to complete it in the best conditions, which I would prefer to avoid right now. Then, I gradually extended the password length by a few signs, deleting the files /tmp/inadyn_ip.cache and /tmp/inadyn_time.cache and restarting inadyn to actually force the update; it worked, no more error messages being pushed in the logs. Perhaps my account got blacklisted for a few days by for whatever reason.

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