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Robinson was elected bishop coadjutor in 2003 and succeeded as bishop diocesan in March 2004.

Before becoming bishop, he served as Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of New Hampshire.

They then moved to New Hampshire, where Boo had grown up.Robinson says that about "a month into their relationship, [he] explained his background and his fears about his sexuality." They continued dating and, as Robinson puts it, "about a month before the marriage, [he] became frightened that ...this thing would raise its ugly head some day, and cause her and me great pain." Robinson and Martin discussed it and decided to go ahead with the marriage in 1972.Consent to the election of Robinson was given in August at the 2003 General Convention.The General Convention of 2003 became the center for debate over Robinson's election, as conservatives and liberals within the Church argued over whether Robinson should be allowed to become bishop.

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