Employee dating waiver

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NRS 613.130 Unlawful agreements concerning membership in labor organizations as condition of obtaining or continuing employment; penalty.NRS 613.135 Unlawful acts of employer relating to social media account of employee or prospective employee.The employers may fear: Can an Employer Prohibit Employees from Dating One Another?So, can an employer do something about these concerns?NRS 613.030 False representations or pretenses concerning employers ability to pay wages: Penalty.POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS NRS 613.040 Rule or regulation preventing political activity unlawful. NRS 613.060 Responsibility for acts of managers, officers, agents and employees. RECORDS REGARDING EMPLOYEES NRS 613.075 Inspection by person who is subject of records; provision of copies upon request; cost of copies; person permitted to submit written explanation in response to information in records and to challenge accuracy; limitations.NRS 613.160 Spotters: Right of employee to be confronted with accuser; penalty.

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[Replaced in revision by NRS 613.4383.] NRS 613.340 Unlawful employment practices: Discrimination for opposing unlawful practice or assisting investigation; printing or publication of material indicating prohibited discrimination. NRS 613.380 Consideration of seniority, quantity or quality of production and other tests of ability permitted.NRS 613.210 Blacklists unlawful; recommendations and statements to be provided employee by employer.NRS 613.220 Assembling and cooperation of employees to secure increases in wages unrestricted.NRS 613.195 Noncompetition covenants: Limitations; enforceability; revision by court.NRS 613.200 Prevention of employment of person who has been discharged or who terminates employment unlawful; criminal and administrative penalties; exception.

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