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Wir sind der Engel der Nacht, wir sind die Kinder diese Stadt. I am honest and open person, and of course I am waiting for the same from my future partner.

There are a lot of similarities between emos and goths, and a lot of differences as well. The purpose of this article is to explain the difference to you so that in the future you have less of a chance of offending someone by calling them the wrong thing. It focuses on emotional, usually confessional, lyrics with a more sensitive, personal, and emotionally painful side to it than most other genres of music and has a more deep meaning than some other music styles.

Emo and goth are both genres of music, and are also used as terms for the fans of these types of music. Music Emo music came from the hardcore punk movement of the 1970s and started in Washington, D. Its full name is “emotional hardcore,” sometimes called “emocore.” Its subgenres include emo pop, emo hip hop, and screamo.

Other common emo attributes include shyness, introversion, sensitivity, and angst. It is a huge variety of things and covers more than people expect, and it larger in variants than emo in both music and fashion.

Other common traits include emotion, shyness, introversion, and angst. Music Goth music, or “gothic rock,” originated in England in the early 1980s.

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