Emily osment dating mike posner

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“Déjà Vu“is one of two tracks on the album produced solely by Posner and it’s one of the better tracks on the album.

That speaks well to Posner’s ability as a producer.

It’s a little bit pop mixed with a splash of hip-hop, drizzled with some synthy electro-goodness.

Additionally, we have the always reliable Boyz II Men on background vocal duties, creating some beautiful 3-part harmonies. ,” Posner very clearly samples Ray La Montagne‘s 2008 single “You Are The Best Thing.” An interesting choice for a sample, but it works surprisingly well, turning into one of the best tracks on the album.

“Cheated” takes the album into a decidedly electro-pop direction as one of the most dancefloor-ready tracks on the album.

“Cheated” appears to be a vengeful response to a certain “Caroline Stevens,” who evidently screwed him over.

“I should’ve cheated on you/I was everything you wanted and more/I should’ve cheated on you/Nobody told me I was dating a whore.” Nice.

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