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If you're tired of cruising for a casual relationships and flings, and are ready for something more meaningful, if you're serious about gay dating then men, you're at the right place.Thousands of same-sex marriages are taking place throughout the world, with individual countries embracing gay love and recognizing same-sex unions by legalizing gay marriage.Keep in mind that if the sex really was as good as you tell yourself, you would never want it to end and even if it did, you would want to do it again.Anything less than that can be categorized as mediocre or bad sex.No matter their level of experience, most people do not even realize that they are stuck sleeping with someone boring until they move on to their next relationship.This is especially true for couples who have been in long term relationships.

] They simply get so used to going through the motions of sex that they lose touch with what made it spicy, sexy and exciting in the first place. im into music, movies, comedy, dining out, sun holidays, keeping fit and generally enjoying life. Tired of going out with single gay men who just want to hook up and aren't interested in a serious gay relationship?If you have been with your partner for far too long, or if you lack the sexual experience that it takes to be able to make various comparisons between lovers, here are the top 9 signs that you are having bad sex. The first indication that you are having mediocre or downright bad sex is when you catch yourself thinking about something else while getting pleasured.Random thoughts can range from anything such as making a mental grocery list, analyzing the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or just thinking about the leftover chocolate pudding in the fridge.

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