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It doesn’t mean running out and getting a gym membership.You can work on your fitness just by taking walks as you listen to podcasts.Pro Tip: If you’re referring to women as sluts, hoes or other colorful insults because they’re not fucking you, you’re pretty much giving up the right to call yourself a nice guy.If you’re carrying around a lot of anger at being single, then you need to learn to offload it.i see few links posted above but non of them have the solution for dynamic updating of /etc/hosts .......any idea how can i solve this Also what if you want to upgrade the database?An ambassador container could either provide dynamic routing based on some service discovery like described here: Or a simple socat which would have to be restarted in-place and therefor depends on #2733 There is actually a use case not covered by #2733 - what if I want to completely change the linked container, for example I have a service that is started with a local Redis container and I want to replace that with an ambassador that points to a remote Redis.

Because it's a I have also noticed this problem with /etc/hosts not getting updated and I also use the --rm switch. Or like I do, rebuild my api services container and deploy it and expect the backend services running in other containers to be able to access the api container without having to restart them?

@cpuguy83 as far as I read in the docs, the user still must remove the old container before the name becomes available.

What are the chances that the same name would be reused automatically?

I fully realize that it can be hard to ask for help.

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