Drew dating degrassi

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She lays the outfit on the bed and goes over to her dresser, grabbing her bra and panties.

I am new at making stories, but not at reading fan fic. She walks to her closet, figuring out what she wants to wear today.Feeling satisfied, she walks back over towards her bed and slips on her clothes."Clare, I have to get to work soon. She hurriedly runs to her dresser and grabs her lip gloss, applying a little on her lips before grabbing her backpack and heading out of her room. We need to leave, now."Clare sighed and nodded her head.Come on and eat breakfast so I can get you to work," her mother calls out."Okay, I'm almost ready! She runs down the steps and into the kitchen."Morning, mom," she says, taking a seat at the table."Good morning, sweetie. She grabbed her breakfast sandwich and swung her bag over her shoulder.The only time they talked was when she was at the Torres' waiting on Adam. The way his big, blue eyes stared into hers made her blush. He helped her off her feet and she blushed, biting her lip as she looked down.Tears were still spilling from her eyes."Are you okay? " she snapped, wiping away the tears."Come on," Drew said, tugging her arm."Where are we going?

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