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It would seem that Sears had three choices: Of these alternatives, we can easily rule out the first.

Existing makers with a full line, such as Bonney, Herbrand, Plomb, or Snap-on, would have been concerned about maintaining their own (higher margin) brand identity.

A company that designs and specifies a product is already more than half way to being a manufacturer, and Sears has always been considered as just a buyer and retailer, not a manufacturer.

However, Sears had long operated a highly-regarded product testing laboratory, and a company that can test to spec is well equipped to write a spec.

And by the early 1940s the Sears hardware department knew a lot about tools.

Since we've made the "V" series tools the centerpiece of this article, we'll begin by establishing the identity of the manufacturer of the "V" series.

The "V" series tools were made by Moore Drop Forging of Springfield, Massachusetts, a company with operations going back to the early 20th century.

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