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And some of the other guest lecturers are truly outstanding: in the advanced series (which, again, is highly recommended) he has a woman come in who teaches women about how to land men, and the information she provides is excellent albeit challenging.

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We become better integrated and more able to accept these traits both in ourselves and other people.This mindset is often referred to as our “inner game”, and it really extends to the bigger picture of being confident and successful in life generally.Here are some of the key things that I've learned: Many of our problems in relating to other people are caused by having a weak psychological and emotional personal boundary, often viewed as having holes in our boundary. Expressing preferences also helps build our boundary, and demonstrates it to other people.It’s over 17 hours of lectures covering everything from kino escalation, Cocky and Funny, inner game, the psychology of pickup, and more.His “Cocky Comedy” workshop is a complete approach to integrating Cocky and Funny behavior into your personality.

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