Do men find me intimidating quiz

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It’s definitely a better way to deal and much more likely to make you like him. You don’t remember asking how much money he makes, but suddenly he’s telling you. While some guys just like to brag, intimidation seems to make them run off at the mouth uncontrollably.

Did you really need to know how many orgasms he gave his last hookup?

Profile COr even this one: For 0 % you are: People don’t...really respect you. Profile D sure we can be friends if you want but you have to ask and i have to think you have to have a mind like a genna This quiz is insulting because it can't give ' Being nice' choices.

So you can't get a ' You're nice' answer. I'm nice but if someone wants to be rude to me, none of my friends are ever talking to them again!

Guys enjoy your company, your personality, and your sense of humor.

Guys are often rather shocked by your intelligence, and may even feel a bit intimidated by you.

And I am truly sorry if you felt insulted taking this quiz. Thanks to everyone who liked or enjoyed this quiz, makes me motivated to do more. People are definitely afraid of you and some (a lot even) kiss the ground you walk on. People most definitely respect you and afraid to piss you off because they’re not sure what to expect. If you continue being like that, you’ll have a lot of enemies. And remember, emotions will always pass, but your actions will stay. You definitely have a clever way of speaking and there are people who find you quite..scary.He has to come up with something more impressive than anything you have to say. You know that little voice in the back of your mind that’s constantly analyzing every moment when you start flirting with a guy? Except when they feel intimidated, the little voice is so loud they can’t maintain a conversation. Crystal Crowder Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger.He thinks it’ll make him seem like your equal or better. They get distracted trying to figure out how to respond or how to make themselves seem good enough in your eyes. A better man takes the approach of simply not talking about himself much. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. You could also get this result: For 50 % you are: You’re a bit more on the intimidating side.However, someone disrespects you, and it’s going to get ugly. You don’t really have a problem with tricking people in what you want them to do. People like you are not well liked in the real world.

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