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Dragging the crossfader all the way to the left plays the left deck and mutes the one on the right.Drag it all the way to the right, and the left deck gets muted while the right deck is heard in full.To remedy this, take a look at the middle of the screen: You’ll see a grey rectangle flanked on either side with a red and a blue bar.This is the crossfader, which determines which deck’s audio is allowed to pass through to your master output.

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Now let’s go set up our sound card to make sure it’s enabled.The free Home User version lets you try out your controller, albeit with a 10 minute restriction.If you want to keep using it beyond that limit, either you restart Virtual DJ 8, or you purchase a licence.For mobile DJs, club DJs, or folk who will be earning from performing with Virtual DJ 8, the “Professional User” licence is what’s needed.This grants access and full use of all present and future DJ controllers, and is also the only option that lets you create your own custom mappings for controllers that don’t work with Virtual DJ 8 straight out the box.

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