Dirty whatsapp group kenya

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You can keep a copy or backup a conversation to your email. To backup to your device’s local storage as well as cloud storage, i.e., Google Drive on Android platform and i Cloud on i OS devices, open the app and go to Settings You already know that grey ticks means that the message has been delivered and blueticks indicate that the message has been read.Actually, there is an option that gives you the exact timestamp of when a message has been delivered and when it has been read.The tagged person gets the notification even if he has muted notifications for that group.Apart from tagging people, you can also quote messages to show you’re replying to that particular message.Unlike adding them all into a group first, where everyone’s contact numbers are exposed to people outside their contact list, the BBC option does not reveal recipient contact numbers.To create a broadcast list, go to the conversation list screen Tagging is now possible in group conversations using @, followed by the name (according to what you name the person in your Contacts).To log out of all connected devices, just go back to the Options Whats App Web page and choose Log out from all computers.The good thing about Whats App Web is that you receive on your PC whatever you receive on your mobile via Whats App.

Whats App also lets you send messages to a group of people while still protecting each other’s identity.This makes it a pretty good tool to transfer images or screenshots from your mobile to your desktop without the use of cables. Note that you need to backup each conversation individually and while you got two options to send the conversation (with or without media), you can only send up to 40,000 messages max.Just send the image to any of your friends on your mobile, then on your PC, open your Whats App Web to retrieve the image file. Apart from email, backups can be done to storage as well.To see the Whats App brings search feature to look for messages easily, but then too it’s better to mark important messages as favorite to get to them quickly when required.To mark a message as favorite: just long press on any individual message, then tap on the star icon in the action bar at the top of the app’s screen.

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