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DISH and Xfinity are also 4K compatible, but neither have a dedicated 4K channel. You can stream DVR recordings in your home or download to watch on the go, and you can manage your recordings all from your phone.It even works as a remote, which is great for putting off the hunt for a misplaced Genie Remote for at least one day more.

DIRECTV’s DVR falls behind the competition in storage capacity.The Genie 2 HS17, or Genie Server, could be a game changer for DIRECTV.With 2 TB of storage, it has to the potential to take on the best DVR out there—the DISH Hopper 3. Without this connection, you can’t watch your recordings on the go.But if it’s not everything you’re looking for, enter your zip code below to see other TV providers in your area, most of which offer their own the industry because every DIRECTV plan comes with an included Genie DVR at no extra cost.

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