Did ed westwick dating leighton meester

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Obviously, she broke poor Ed’s heart and their deal was closed for good, even though Jessica tried to win Ed back, she couldn’t.

Rumors say that Ed Westwick‘s girlfriend cheated on him and not only with his friend, which is bad enough, but with several other guys too.

Dear Ted: I saw Rob Lowe being interviewed at a function for the royals last week, and he said he admired William for leading his life with dignity (I agree! But the cynic in me got to wondering if Rob was a good one to make that call.

We all know he got Vicey (and not in a Blind way) at the Democratic Convention in '88, but has he earned a nickname in recent years?

Gossiper: Leighton and Garrett may have had the trailers rocking a bit during filming (and maybe a few times afterward), but they are both free birds at the moment.

And as for Chair's real-life counterparts, Leighton and Ed have some serious sparks onscreen, obvi, but sadly, the chemistry ends there.

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