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The mere act of having to scan your system for these files is an annoying but necessary part of computer life in the new Millenium.

A common misconception amongst many computer users is that simply finding and deleting the adware files on your PC will prevent it from happening again.

Over time computers become cluttered with junk files, temporary graphics files and eventually spyware. If you see something that doesn’t look familiar or just doesn’t seem right then open your web browser and do a Google search for the name of the process you’ve just found. You could also use Win Tasks to simplify the above process.

Taking care of your PC keeps it working at its optimum speed and also allows you to spot problems like spyware far earlier. First thing you need to check is the msconfig utility. This will bring up either your Windows task manager or the Close programs window. Look down through the list of applications running on your PC. The is important to include otherwise you’ll get irrelevant search results. This wonderful utility makes understanding your system processes and tasks a breeze.

Each type has its own set of implications and complications. They are small pieces of software which has been downloaded onto your computer via the Internet.

This data is then sold to marketing companies (spammers) who will proceed to send you more junk email and popups than you ever thought possible. Companies are promised that their advert will appear on 25 million computer screens.These programs stay dormant until you connect to the Internet again.Once connected you’ll be swamped with popup, popover and pop-under ads for everything from airline tickets and free Disney holidays to porn site advertisements.As a last note, remember that when you use public Wi Fi, your information is not secure and it’s easy for hackers to steal.So never submit personal information when using public Wi Fi (passwords, credit card information, bank logins, etc.).

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