Deus ex not your personal dating service

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Deus Ex Machina is a concept store and online retailer that specialises in motorcycle gear.

It offers motorcycles, including custom built bikes, bicycles, surfboards, fashion and accessories.

The game was developed by Eidos Montreal and was released on August 23rd, 2011 in North America, August 25th in Australia and August 26th in Europe.

Clare Cribbin is the global shopping deals publisher at Finder.

In the game, those that support the idea of augmentations decorate their homes and themselves in a kind of late-medieval Italian style, while those that are against it dress like normal human beings.

Apart from the post-humanism and cyberpunk themes, the game also focuses on human nature, mass media and conspiracy theories.

She started in the Australian team hunting down the best shopping deals on the market, producing health and wellbeing articles and creating helpful gift guides.

Clare has since taken her Australian shopping knowledge and is now applying it globally.

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