Denmark dating sites

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During the last two months of 2001, the number of new registered members grew by 45 percent in Germany, 39 percent in the Netherlands, 27 percent in Spain, 48 percent in France, 39 percent in Italy, and 26 percent in Denmark, vice-president Joe Cohen said.In the first month of this year alone there had been an increase of 50 percent new UK members registering their profile with, bringing the total number of UK members to 100,000, he said.But take into account that not every animal is contact and sociable. I can’t imagine, at my age, going up to someone in a bar and “talking.” Or am I doomed to be alone because of my age, because something didn’t work out in my life ?Internet and Dating sites are a very good way to find a partner.

The general attitude towards dating on the Internet has changed, Wagner said.

Stevens predicts that the number of people who use such services will continue to grow in Europe as the internet population grows.

But he points out that online dating only appeals to a segment of the population, and he doubts whether the UK will ever see membership numbers in the millions., one of the largest dating sites in Denmark, with its 475,000 profiles -- Denmark has a total population of a little more than 5 million people -- is a free site.

However, the marketing director and co-founder Morten Oliver Wagner, said that the site was considering charging its members.

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