Dave grohl dating history

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Before we go down into telling you everything about their love life.

Let’s meet this power couple Jordyn Blum and Dave Grohl.

The sweet song provides the background to a bunch of hilarious Mentos parody ads (if you don't remember Mentos ads, take a look at their corny genius).

Sadly, people took the video a little too seriously and thought it would be cool to chuck Mentos at the stage whenever the band played "Big Me" live.

Eventually, his love life began to suffer and every form of communication with Jordyn became history.

Theirs is a tale that passed through the thin and thorns of life.

That singular decision pushed him back to his senses leading to the Jordyn Blum and Dave Grohl happy ending love tale.

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She was born on the 28th of May 1976 in Los Angeles California. Jordyn attended one of the high schools located in Los Angeles and is quite private about the details of her formative years and immediate family.

As a model, she was the face of so many top organizations in the United States.

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