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The bit cuts together like a dream and it is one of my favorite pieces from the entire series so when I'm invited to host Saturday Night Live in October 1976 and Lorne Michaels asks to run something from my series I show him the Rutles clip and one other piece, a parody of The Who's Tommy called Pommy, which is about a deaf, dumb and blind man stuck in a Ken Russell film and his struggles to get out of the cinema.It's a nice bit in which I run around as a rather whacky Roger Daltry, eventually running straight into camera and being impaled by it.

"Don't do that," he says, "do it for me through my deal with NBC, you'll have a much bigger budget." Now you should realize that Rutland Weekend TV as well as being about the world's smallest TV station was also done on the world's smallest TV budget.Now that it's summer I'm hoping to be writing more, but I thought I'd get back into it with something fun like this.I think it will make sense even if you haven't read the first story - I hope you guys like it! Lommy and Hot Pie “You’ve just described Sansa Stark,” Hot Pie said, shaking his head, “I asked you to describe your dream girl, not a stranger that you drool over.” “I’m just being honest, man.Gendry’s sort-of-sister Bella had insisted that they come along and had then immediately disappeared to find her girlfriend, leaving them to fend for themselves. “Thought so,” Lommy said smugly.“So,” Hot Pie said a moment later, nudging Gendry, “How about you? ” Ramsay Bolton stood by the fireplace beside a short girl with shoulder-length brown hair who, based on Bolton’s stance, had just shoved him away.Lommy scoffed at Gendry’s suggestion.“You’re one to talk,” he said, looking up at Gendry, “you’re the only one of us with half a chance of getting some and you’re standing here sulking with us.” “Yeah, Gendry,” Hot Pie said, “Lead by example. Before Ramsay - or anyone - could say another word, she pulled her arm back and punched him square on the mouth.

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