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She heard rap music in the background, assumed he’d been kidnapped and called the police.

The SWAT team surrounded the school where the man works and was surprised not to find a school shooting taking place.

We all know the stereotypes – Latinos are hot tamales who cannot get enough of el sexo and el amor.

If that weren’t enough, it turns out that we are better lovers. I mean who doesn’t want to be a passionate seductress or have a hot reputation in the bedroom?

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Which begs the question: Where are people leaving their cell phones during close encounters? He would have picked up my call if he did, or at least called me back later.

Diss dial — This sad story is posted on END — a relationship blog: “I saw his number flash across the screen and stared at it in shock.

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Emergency call-takers are picking up the phone to hear dance clubs, construction sites or a baby gurgling. That’s 10 per cent of the total volume of calls to 911, says Broomfield.Love connection — Videos are popping up on You Tube of young men engaged in, ahem, romantic activities.They pocket dial their friends, who record the calls and post them for all to enjoy.Latinos may excel in the sack, but recent studies show that we fail at fidelity. Toronto’s 911 operators respond to 300 emergency calls a day that are placed by people’s butts.

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