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About Dating DNA, LLC: Dating DNA is the Internet's central nervous system for online dating, allowing users to integrate all their dating information across the web's social graph with one 9-digit ID number. a=developer) which bring 1-click compatibility scoring and other sophisticated dating features to Social Networking sites such as Facebook ( My Space, You Tube, and Craigslist, as well as to Internet devices such as Apple's i Phone/i Pod Touch ( and the Chumby web appliance (Online dating continues to move dramatically away from traditional dating sites such as and e Harmony.Users also set a "Compatibility Threshold," which specifies the compatibility level required to be considered a "Match." To protect a user's privacy, they remain "invisible" to other's Match Radar unless that user meets their Compatibility Threshold.When users are notified of a Match, both users may choose to communicate via Dating DNA's built-in messaging system, further protecting their privacy by not requiring users to share names, phone numbers or email addresses.




Utilizing these sites is free, and provides a more natural way of meeting people than traditional dating sites of the past.Dating DNA introduced the first-ever dating application for the i Phone back in November of last year, and today announced Dating DNA Plus, a completely new application with dozens of enhancements, including their "Match Radar" technology.As an i Phone user moves about, Dating DNA's Match Radar monitors the user's location and notifies them of other singles in their immediate vicinity who meet a set of dating criteria.Of all the i Phone dating apps, this one is being embraced by its users most.The Plus Edition is , but that is all you'll ever spend.

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