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In order to notify the User about a successful transaction and activation of the Pro-account, a so-called Oraclize was used.

They are special contracts which provide interaction with the offchain services.

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Visually, the token purchase scheme looks the following way: The blockchain provides transparency.

The user is sure of the openness due to the decentralizing. Ethereum was chosen as the most global platform for the smart contracts.

You will be able to like or dislike people based around with what you are looking for and if you match with someone, you'll be connected and each time you send a message into the bots chat, it will send to the person you are matched with..

If you use commands while connected to someone, they will NOT see these.





It’s important to make tokens according to the ERC-20 standard. As a first step, the team has elaborated the scenario of the purchase and use, the structure of the Smart contract (the amount of tokens, the rate of payment, how to use less gas and other parameters).

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! They provide users the ability to interact with the agents through Windows Live Messenger to get more information about specific topics.

Windows Live Agents are chatterbot agents for Windows Live Messenger that is part of Microsoft's Windows Live services.

The implementation process has been described in this case. Being a bonus program in a store or in-game coins, BFT can be spent on purchases inside the service.

To extend the functionality, to activate new services.

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