Dating without the intent to marry

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Unfortunately, Alberto left everything behind to start over in the US with Stacey and he isn’t willing to go back. and have your new fiance or spouse petition a visa for you.

He decides to use some of his savings to move in with a roommate. Arriving on a K1 visa requires that you marry the original petitioner. This, of course, means that you’ll need to wait for the visa to be processed all over again before moving back to the U. It’s not worth the trouble to stay in the US to adjust status when it’s likely USCIS will deny the I-485 due to fraud. USCIS looks at applications for a green card very closely.

Amber arrived on a K1 visa from South Africa to marry her American fiance Thomas.

Yup, that’s a signed declaration you made promising to marry your American fiance when you arrive in the U. What’s important is getting married and then adjusting status.If you had to leave your home country, quit your job and say goodbye to your family to move to the U. after months or years of waiting, how likely are you to just go back home? Sometimes I feel like it’s just a matter of time before USCIS gets rid of the K1 fiance visa completely. Because it’s just really easy to abuse this visa process. Now that you’ve promised USCIS that you will marry the petitioner when you arrive in the US, there’s also the 90 day requirement.You don’t even have to get married before applying so there’s very little skin in the game. Basically, you are required to get married with 90 days of your entry into the United States.I’m not saying your committing fraud by falling in love with someone else, but think about how it looks to USCIS.Kate arrived on a K1 visa from Brazil to marry her fiance Jack.

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