Dating with a married man Find the sex chatting girl in mumbai

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If that doesn’t work, suggest to your partner that you go for couple’s therapy.

Call the Family Life Centre on 011-788- 4784 for assistance.

If both your families are fine with you living together, then there’s no harm in you talking to them about your concerns.

If you feel they could help sort things out you should definitely approach them.

Married men have affairs for different reasons, but one common one is they want sex, passion and romance without too many strings attached, without too much commitment. You may not be forbidden and exciting enough anymore.

If you wake up afraid and lonely in the middle of the night, you can’t just call him and have him come right over to cuddle with you. You really don’t have the right to any expectations at all, so it’s probably best not to have any.

You’re too young to be holding out for something that might not happen.

Your situation now is simply this: you’re dating a married man.

The second man might be the right one to date only that you have not invested enough time in him.

It has only been three months of dating, which is not enough to enable you to make a wise decision.

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