Dating wheeler and wilson sewing machines if carbon dating wrong

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See my post on vibrating shuttle machines for more details.

Later variants of Jones CS include models called “Consort” , “No. These models take different needles from Family CS, but are otherwise the same. You can tell old style Family CS from the new style CS by the type of the needle clamp.

Both CS and Spool take “Jones” needles, but there is a difference between Family and Manufacturing needles. Both types of Jones needles don’t have a scarf, while both substitutes do – and having a scarf where none is expected could lead to skipped stitches.

These needles have slightly different measurements, which doesn’t seem much but the wrong needle may cause skipped stitches. I had questions from people who tried to use Organ DBx1 – why does it not work? However, I could not find any modern needles without a scarf.

😉 In the UK you can buy 128×1 needles for example from uk.

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There is also a sister needle type DBx K5 with the same measurements but a larger eye.

Jones needles are most similar to 128×1 needles, but these needles are hard to find in many countries. 128×1 needles are available in sizes 70/10 – 125/21.

The next best choice is DBx1 but they must be from Schmetz. They come in just one point type: acute round point, also known as microtex needles, or sharps.

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