Dating vs relationship long

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And don’t forget- you both should be each others’ cheerleaders, offering encouragement at every turn.Like I mentioned earlier, if you’re not in a relationship, you’re not being introduced to anyone close to him; and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Consider how many times you’re seeing this guy on a weekly basis and also consider how many times you’re texting each other or calling each other to determine which road you’re taking towards being in a relationship.

There’s probably a multitude of questions running through your head when you’re talking to someone or seeing someone somewhat regularly, so what’s the deal- are you just dating, or are you in a relationship?

You’re both free to explore other options until you’re sure you can settle on someone, whether it’s this guy or another.

HOWEVER, if the two of you are now in a relationship, then you should be introduced to family and friends very soon after it’s made official.

You may meet the friends first just to ease into everything, or you may jumpstart to a family gathering.

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