Dating violence deaf community

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One way of using hearing privilege is to take over the interpreting process if police are called to their home.

They make it seem like the Deaf survivor made a mistake to call so the police don’t do anything to intervene.

However, compatibility in these areas did not co-occur with significant decreases in physical, psychological, or sexual partner violence.

Recommendations for future research as well as implications for clinical and educational practice are outlined.

Abusers will isolate their partner, maybe take away their phone, to make them lose all their friends and support system.

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But what about calls that occur after 5pm and on weekends when the Deaf advocates are not available to receive calls due to lack of funding?

They will often use children as a way to control their partner.

For example, “If you leave me, I will go to court and take the children away from you.” Abusers often use male or hearing privilege against their partner.

Abusers will use economic abuse to control their partner. Contact an advocate at Deaf Hope for more information.

They may take away SSI money or the ATM card so that their partner does not have resources for safety. Often they force their partner to have sex, demand sex as a part of the relationship, force them to do things they don’t feel comfortable doing. These are a few of the ways abusers get power and control over their partner.

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