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As it turns out, Tinder is also winning many of the markets in Southeast Asia.In fact, Tinder is so dominant that its overall download rankings were at least 100 places ahead of its competitors’ in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.For instance, Tinder ranked as the 93rd most downloaded app in Singapore in April on average, while the runner-up Paktor, founded in Singapore, placed at 299th.In India and in Indonesia, the online dating market has been slightly more hotly contested.In Korea, Tinder had risen from a monthly ranking of 1,002nd in January to 750th in April but was still widely off the leading Korean dating app, Charmy, which placed 248th on average.

Beetalk has had remarkable success in its home country Taiwan and is expanding overseas.Despite its success in the region, Tinder has not been successful in markets like Korea, Japan and China that have been traditionally closed-off for Western companies.Each of the East Asian countries has its own dating app with unique features that made them successful.In order to break the cultural stigma against dating apps, Tinder spent over 0 million in India alone to attract more users.However, Tinder’s marketing efforts in India to change dating norms may have made it easier for new entrants to grow quickly as well.

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