Dating us playing cards

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Initial sales were nil, and so the game was repackaged at 2/6d and sales boomed, up to 1000 packs per week, becoming the firm's most successful card game.

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No cards on display, visits are by appointment only. A small but fine collection of 19th century playing-cards from Austrian makers.

This collection is documented in the exhibition catalogue: Dornik-Eger, Hanna "Spielkarten und Kartenspiele", Wien 1973, (see bibliography section). Pachinger who collected local cards (from Upper Austria) during the second half of the 19th century.

In 1932 'Lexicon' was launched, in a tuck box, at 1/9d per pack.The remaining area provides ample space for mounting temporary exhibitions, two or three times a year, on various occasional themes.The collection has continued to grow, and though still dominated by Turnhout and other Belgian products, has interesting material from other countries and is currently being doucmented on a computerised database.Reel printing was introduced, with photogravure backs and rotary letterpress pips and court cards. In 1926 the General Strike threatened production but the workers took no notice and brought bedding into the works in order to carry on working uninterrupted.At that time a good quality pack of cards cost only 9d. Billiards and other recreations were provided and the workers camped in the factory.

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