Dating uruguay

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Uruguayans are often considered to be laid back and relaxed which unfairly gets confused as laziness.

Although they are a country of sun-bugs and things start later than planned, they are incredibly active and engaged.

Uruguay luckily managed to avoid the worst of the 2008 Housing Crisis, but the damage had already been done and inflation is still taking its toll on the Uruguayan population.

Imported goods are heavily taxed and even produce at local shops and markets are effected, making it one of the most expensive countries in Latin America.

Jobs and homes were lost and both countries were left devastated for a long time.

Buying cannabis from a pharmacy is a complex process for Uruguayans and straight up prohibited for tourists and other non-permanent residents.

Another myth is that Uruguay is full of meat lovers.

As it is one of the smallest countries in Latin America, it’s easy to mistake its true size.

The population is relatively small; there are only 3,45 million Uruguayans in the country as of the 2016 census, so there is an incredible amount of space for each of the residents.

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