Dating tips women second date

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And if you’re the guy, don’t be late no matter what.

You don’t want your second date to go sour because you kept the girl waiting for more than half an hour. Flirty touches always have a way of bringing two people closer. Make your date want to be with you and spend time with you.

Just a word of caution though, don’t overdo your touchy flirting if you find your date cringing instead of purring.

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There’s a time for that talk, but a second date isn’t that time.But that’s no excuse to behave like you’re entitled to kiss your date whenever you want.Don’t ever behave like both of you are dating each other already.If your date mentioned something about their work or personal life on the first date, bring it up and ask about it. But don’t ask too many personal questions or talk about your life’s intimate details just yet.It reveals an interest in your date, and brings both of you closer. You’ve only spent a few hours with each other and you need to learn to take things slow and easy. You avoided this conversation in the first date, but a second date should be no different either.

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