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For many, FWBs offer the best of both worlds: companionship, the easy intimacy of friends and occasional bed-rocking sex. well, frankly, most people are The first rule to cultivating a Friend With Benefits relationship is to do so the right way.An ideal FWB relationship means finding the right balance between sexual attraction and compatibility and emotional connection.You want a certain level of attraction and closeness, but not the sort of all-consuming flames of passion. When many people think of FWB, they tend to think of it in terms of adding benefits to an existing friendship.And while this is certainly – more so if there’s always been a mutual attraction between two friends – it’s difficult to do.Many women in particular are legitimately interested in a friends with benefits relationship; FWB set-ups are often safer and more satisfying than hooking up with strangers.However, many men frequently forget that the “F” in “FWB” means “friend” not “fuckhole you don’t have to call afterwards”. Women are less likely to advertise wanting a more casual arrangement and are more likely to give the side-eye to guys who advertise they’re looking for one.Now, that having been said: online dating sites like OKCupid are likely your best bet.

Having a friendship where sex is just one component of the relationship is often ideal.You’re attempting to add a new dynamic to the friendship and sticking the landing there can be difficult.It’s hard to overcome months or years of “this person isn’t a sexual option to me” without a major emotional reset. with all the cartoon hearts and animated cherubs that are implied.Some people are cool with being single and doing their own thing without the responsibilities that come with the label of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” or “partner”.

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