Dating tavern mugs tankards

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Irish Wade was integrated as a subsidiary of George Wade & Sons, Ltd.During the 1950's, the factory produced die pressed ceramic insulators and the pottery was made to help repair England from the damage left after World War II.Wade Ulster also produced a shamrock pottery series.This was a small series including an Irish comical pig or a pink comical elephant.Even though they used the Wade England backstamps on these products, some actually have Irish origins.Cast from my original 18th century molds in safe, lead-free pewter, these spoons are identical to those used over 200 years ago. Available "as cast" finish with flashing trimmed and ready for you to polish or use as-is; or polished and ready to set the most elegant table. High Polished - , Satin Polished , As Cast - .The Irish Wade started to become more distinctive and very different from the English Wade.Their tankards and steins were exceptionally popular with the beautiful speckled blue, green and gray glazes.

American made pewter, from one of the best makers in the country at a fraction of the new, retail price. Mold measures 7 7/8 inches long and makes a spoon that is approx. Comes with spoon that was found in the mold, though it is probably a more recent casting.Pictured from left to right: Tea Spoon, Fiddleback Spoon, 17th Century Spoon, Queen Anne Spoon, Serving Spoon, Hannover Spoon, Double Drop Spoon, Tea Spoon 2, Salt Spoon. * Denotes spoons cast in original molds pattern - a longer bowl and narrow handle on this late 18th century spoon, with scallop design on bottom of the bowl. - Approximately the same size as our other table spoons.Late 18th-Early 19th century with rat-tail under bowl.The Whimtrays in this collection depicted the husky, king penguin, polar bear cub, a duck, a fawn and the trout.It is well known that Irish Wade pottery would lend a hand to English Wade when a large order was contracted.

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