Dating someone in the coast guard dating meaning of number of olives

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In other words, if Sailors see an officer having one of those types of relationships with an enlisted Sailor, they might wonder whether the officer is giving preferential treatment to that Sailor in situations like duty assignments or special privileges, which could create morale problems.

Typically, personal relationships among officers or among enlisted members are not prohibited.

Some Coast Guard assignments, such as patrol duty, can stretch over weeks at a time.

Lastly, because the Coast Guard is responsible for interdicting drug traffic, illegal immigration and protecting against terrorist threats, the job can be hazardous.

However, it is prohibited if the relationship calls into question a senior's objectivity; if it results in actual or apparent preferential treatment; if it undermines the authority of a senior; or if it compromises the chain of command; among others.

For example, the executive officer (XO) of the command holds a Monday Night Football party every Monday night during football season. She is guilty of fraternization because the XO is in a leadership position, and she is creating an unduly familiar relationship with members of her command.

This can lead to assignments in Alaska during the middle of winter or the Gulf Coast in the middle of a sweltering summer.

Some of the smaller Coast Guard cutters offer cramped and close living quarters, which can be a problem for some recruits.

Unlike reservists, if you become an active Coast Guardsman, you won't get to choose where you will be stationed.Embarking on a Coast Guard career has many pros and cons, and the success of your time in the service depends on your level of commitment.Some Coast Guard reservists feel that the best part of the job is being able to serve their country without having to be stationed overseas, as can happen in the Navy, Air Force or Army.The fraternization regulation was last updated in 1999.The current version can be found at: General Management Security and Safety Services/05-300 Manpower Personnel Support/5370.2

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