Dating someone has attempted suicide

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She just messaged me saying that she had taken a lot of different medications (listing specific, toxic level dosage amounts of each) and I immediately called and woke a family member of her's that just now took her to the hospital.She has told me that she has attempted suicide in the past, but not since we've been together. I'm waiting to hear back from her relative, hoping she's ok. She lost both of her parents while still young, has no siblings, and claims I'm the only one she has left. Update: Doctors said she will be ok, but may have caused permanent liver damage. When someone tells you they are committing suicide like that it is usually a ploy for attention.Although I agree that an attempt at suicide is a ploy for attention, I strongly disagree with the notion that you are not to do anything to alleviate this situation.An attempt at suicide is not an easy thing to decide on, and when someone does make that attempt, the emotional instability of that person is beyond personal control.

My point being - people who are suicidal should be saying so, and people listening should be paying attention. Also, she does have a relative - she trusted the relative, clearly, to take her to a hospital. My bet, she won't have anything in her system other than maybe a few bottles of wine and some chocolate.

I come to reddit because I am 600 miles away from her right now, and it is 4 a.m so I have no one else to talk to about this at the moment.

We've been together for three years, but recently have had some friction in our relationship.

I have considered suicide in my highschool life when stress was at an all time high, but I could never bring myself to actually attempt it in anyway.

An attempt at suicide is a cry for attention, which is not something that you should ignore.

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