Dating site that accept online check payment

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With Pay Stand's drop-in payment gateway, BIIA Insurance was able to start accepting e Checks on their website within a week.Today, they are saving thousands of dollars per month on unnecessary transaction fees, and their customers appreciate the convenience of paying online.Even better, Pay Stand will deposit the funds for you and save you a trip to the bank.Yes, Pay Stand offers enterprise-level solutions to allow developers to integrate e Check with their platforms.You can send your customer a secure link to pay you for a specific invoice, or include e Check as an option in your online checkout process.You can include e Check next to the credit card option, or offer e Check exclusively. You can offer an incentive to your customers to pay with e Check as opposed to credit cards by adding the credit card fees to their transaction totals.

ACH, or Automated Clearinghouse, is a separate system that was developed in the 1970s to facilitate high-volume money transfers between trusted parties.e Check has broad applications for funds transfer, deposit and remittances, and Pay Stand offers a rich API so you can customize our implementation to suit your business.We also offer quickly deployable plug-ins for popular e Commerce and web development environments.What you don't know about payment methods can end up costing you.Learn the ins and outs of ACH and e Check transactions, how to accept them online, and how to steer your customers to more affordable online payments.

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