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The current Sierra Leone Parliament owes its origin to colonial constitutional developments dating as far back as to 1863 when attempts were made by the British colonial authorities to put in place Legislative and Executive Councils.

The current elected 132 Ordinary members of parliament are composed of members of the All People's Congress, the Sierra Leone People's Party which are the two largest political parties in Sierra Leone plus two other parties, the National Grand Coalition and the Coalition for Change and finally, three Independent members who were not elected under any party.

The Sierra Leone Parliament, like its counterparts in other former British colonies, began as a Legislative Council.

Both the official and unofficial members constituted the Legislative Council which was responsible for enacting Laws for the colony.

But too much of executive powers were vested in the Governor. This congress demanded the following: a party elected legislative council in each colony – this however met with failure even when the delegation was sent to London to press for action.

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