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This happens when tight shoes are constantly putting pressure on the skin and are found between the toes more often than not when the toe rub together from shoes being too tight on foot.

Bunions are an enlargement of the tissue or the bone around the joints for the base of your big toes.

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Are you buying bigger shoe sizes because your feet hurt, and do they still hurt even with a bigger sized shoe?

Narrow shoes lead to not only discomfort but every so often, damage to your foot.By squeezing mainly the front of your feet, over time, it deforms your feet leading to weakening of the foot bones strength due to the lack of pressure spread over the bottom of the foot.A squeezed foot in it turns, create lower back problems.Carrying extra weight causes the arch of your foot to flatten as well as excess fat around your feet which causes your feet to become larger and wider.During pregnancy, there are hormones called relaxin that relax the ligaments of the birth canal for birth and in turn, also relaxes the ligaments in the rest of your body and feet.

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