Dating scripts revisited

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This broad context--using a sociological lens--will enable us to study marriage and families as evolving social institutions. Because it is important to explore a variety of perspectives on each topic we are addressing, everyone will be expected to contribute to class discussions at each meeting.

Most significantly, we will consider how gender, class, race, and ethnicity impact everyday family experiences. Always come to class with a question, concern, claim or connection you can share.

Course Requirements• WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: Three major written assignments will be required for the semester, in addition to graded in-class written assignments.

Expectations for such assignments will be given in class and will be available on the course website.

Attendance Policies and Requirements• Attendance will be taken at each class.

ALL excused absences must be communicated to me (via email or phone) PRIOR TO the class that will be missed.

• There are no make-up assignments, tests, or exams allowed.

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