Dating scene in seattle

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You want to talk about a tough town to meet women, that is the worst of them.

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Seattle women are very shame-faced and it can be very daunting to a person who comes from a culture with more sexually open, warm, friendly and social women to have to deal with these more reserved, shy and shame-faced type of women.Easier here than in DC, but probably difficult everywhere.Sweeping generalization: many guys chasing after the few very attractive women who are purposely socially isolated via all the creeps / cat-callers.But with the tech giants present and bringing in so many engineer types I'm worried how the balance is (I'm also an engineer).I have several interest areas and my goal would be to do those activities and hopefully date naturally, rather than use dating apps. What helps is to join outdoor recreation groups of some sort: hiking (The Mountaineers), rowing or kayaking, rock climbing, or attending REI lecture events, joining one of the neighborhood soccer leagues or volleyball through the Parks Dept., and that sort of thing.

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