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However, since I have been using the same sources of information and standards in tracking deals, it is possible to track trends as well as have at least idea of what projects got set up in a twelve-month period.Each day this week, I will provide analysis of the 2018 spec script deals: Tuesday: Genres Wednesday: Studios, Production Companies, and Financiers Thursday: Agents and Managers Friday: Top Sales Saturday: First Timers Logline: The logline is being kept under wraps, but it is known to be a sci-fi-based psychological thriller centered on a married couple.Title: Logline: Grounded sci-fi drama with time travel elements. Writers: Ryan Belenzon, Jeffrey Gelber Genre: Thriller Agency: WME Management: Syndicate Entertainment Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 6/13/2018. Title: Logline: About the first fully, 3D-printed man and his search for identity and love.Writer: Jared Moshe Genre: Science Fiction Drama Agency: ICM Partners Management: Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 6/4/2018. Writer: Scott Speer Genre: Science Fiction Drama Agency: UTA Management: Artists First Buyer: Mandalay Pictures Date: 6/12/2018 Notes: Option deal.21.

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Notes: Spec package with interest also from Paramount, Sony and New Regency.24. Writers: Emma Thompson, Bryanny Kimmings Genre: Romantic Comedy Agency: The Agency Buyer: Universal Pictures Date: 6/27/2018. Title: Logline: A charmingly chaotic woman who is struggling to figure out her life, and finds herself in a unique situation when she becomes pregnant with twins by different fathers — an actual rare occurrence known as superfecundation.Every year since I launched the blog in 2008, I do a week-long analysis of the recent year in terms of spec script deals. First, my usual caveat: Tracking spec script deals is not an exact science.To make the blog’s list, there almost always has to be some sort of article in the press verifying a deal, but even then that can get dicey because the term “spec script” is itself rather amorphous in meaning.Title: Logline: Michael Redmayne is forced to hunt down and kill his clones after they desert the war they were created to fight, in order to wage one of their own against the Corporate State that made them.Writer: Adam Alleca Genre: Science Fiction Action Agency: N/A Management: N/A Buyer: Millennium Films Date: 3/14/2018.7.

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